October 6th 2007 - The Angel Cup

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N Green 69   10.9
J Mendez 70   19.8
A Hicks 70   15.4

Weather conditions: Mild and Autumnal

The conditions could not have been more ideal for our annual Angel Cup Competition. Since its inception, this is becoming the major target for society members for a variety of reasons. A) You have to qualify for this contest. B) It was until this year a winner-take all event (more on this later.) C) The prize, which has always been offered by Juan is an exceptional reward from an exceptionally generous member of our Society, and D) the high percentage turnout at this event means that to win on the day you have to beat the best of the best.

Back to the events of Saturday. The course was once again presented in excellent condition for the time of year, though a couple of the greens had not yet recovered from the winter preparation. The groups of three and four-balls set off, it was obvious that some challenges were to evaporate by the end of the first hole! And one member decided to store up his frustration and vent it all on the 18th tee by launching his tee shot at the clubhouse!

An indication of the closeness of it all were the tales of woe from members bemoaning the “one bad hole” that cost them the Angel cup. However tales of woe make not a wining round of golf and for the first time there were three place prizes for those who could stand the pressure, or who have handicaps DB will be sure to get after!

In 3rd place was society rookie Andy Hicks, a great performance from a Herefordshire “virgin” In 2nd place was Juan “I’ve won a busman’s holiday” Mendez who will now enjoy a meal for two at the Angel Hotel courtesy of Mine Host Mr Juan Mendez! Oh the Irony!

Our warmest congratulations to the 2007 Angel Cup winner, Neville Green. What a way to end his season as captain. This is a just reward for a long-standing society member who has put a great deal of time into our society, but someone had better tell our incoming Captain, Mr Dodd, that just because you are Captain we don’t give you a trophy!

That completes the medal calendar for 2007. I would like to offer my thanks to all Committee members of the society who make this such an enjoyable part of our lives. I apologise to members if I have failed to take the p@@s out of you yet, on the world- wide-web, but I will get round to it eventually.

Speak to you soon