May 18th 2007 - The Kendleshire 

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P Wilson 62 15 25.2
A Hadley 69 12 20.4
M Sailes 70 10 17.2
R Byrd 72 9 19.2
N Green 73 8 11.7
R Davies 74 7 24.6
D Brierle 77 6 10
V Hammond 78 5 16.1
J Mendez 78 4 21.8
R Amphlett 80 3 10.5
D Adams 80 2 23.8
K Lloyd 80 1 13.7
K Taylor 83 1 16.3
K Lewis 84 1 21.6
M Dixon 88 1 24.2


Weather conditions: Blustery showers followed by sun.

  The Founders Trophy was this first trophy at stake for the 2007 season and what a stunning start we had. A new, highly recommended venue, The Kendleshire in Bristol provided the backdrop for our inaugural mid – week medal and all 17 who were able to attend left, eager for a return in the future.

  As if the strong breeze and intermittent showers were not enough, we had to negotiate a course with plenty of water, bunkers and greens that offered no respite for those who did make them in regulation.

  It was going to be a worthy winner of this event, and Alan and Mike (who made up the minor places) must have thought they had done enough in the conditions to claim the elusive “white shirt”, but no-body had allowed for Phil “Phyllis” Wilson who blitzed his way to a stunning net 62 to bid a fond farewell to his handicap. Even more impressive was this score was achieved in garments seen more often on grouse shoots than the golf course, which enabled Phil to complete a memorable double also winning the sartorial omelette.

  Congratulations also to Russ Byrd who booked his place in the Angel Cup with the highest stableford score outside the top three.

  So a record winning margin, a possible record handicap cut and a definite new record distance for a walk from one green to the next tee !

! But the overall consensus is when can we all go back and play again.  See you at The Midlands