August 9th 2008 - Church Stretton

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Rob Slater 92 15 26
Roy Amphlett 78 12 9
Matt Sailes 85 10 13.9
Dave Adams 93 9 21.8
Pete Dodd 94 8 20.6
Den Amphlett 95 7 22.2
Les Stallard 80 6 5
Keith Taylor 94 5 19.5
Tim Kilby 105 4 28.4
Phil Wilson 110 3  

A moderate entry of 14 members and guests made the trip to Church Stretton, a hangover from holiday season, a recent tour and Captains Day saw this depleted entry having a feeling of Deja Vu.  Travel through the rain, climb a mountain, to be greeted with a fabulous welcome from the members and again strong wind, filthy rain and stunning views...when the cloud lifted.

Members contributed to a sweepstake, and entry to a team competition for the home nations. On point duty in the draw were Tim, Phyllis and Roberta with Tim being the “expert” golfer of the group off 27. Representing England was inspirational for them as they held on to a clubhouse lead of 76 points (best 2 from 3).

The wind and rain wreaked havoc again making finding greens and fairways very tricky. Purely struck shots were rewarded with balls tracking their target but a hint of cut or hook was multiplied massively to find trouble.  Everyone stuck to their task and considering the conditions everyone returned creditable cards.  Team scores were all in the 70’s and only 12 shots split the entire field bar one lonely golfer.....

Long drive was secured on the 4th hole by Les Stallard, creeping past the previous mark set by Roberta Slater by a mere 50 – 60 yards. Still no birdie though as Les’s caddie clubbed him wrong and he came up 30 yards short. Nearest the pin went to Roy Amphlett on the 167 yard downhill 18th with a 9 iron plugging 7 feet short of the pin. No birdie for Roy as the putt fell short, but a great 2 for Les as he chipped in from  70 feet.

As mentioned earlier the scores were all tightly packed, Dave Adams missing the podium on count back to Matt Sailes, both with fine nett 71’s. In 2nd was Roy with a best gross 78 turning to a nett 69. The lonely golfer and now rejoining the mens section with a stunning nett 62 Rob(erta) Slater.  Rob has worked hard on his game this year and it was great to see the rewards with this fine victory, getting his name on “The Mackem Medal”.

A very charming “Olde School” golf club with a lovely welcome, far more challenging and rewarding than many of the modern manicured monsters.

Time to add up the Ryder Cup Points for our annual match with Kempsey and sort the maths to find our Champion of Champions for season 2008.