May 10th 2008 - The Warwickshire

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Les Stallard 66 15 4.7
Rpb Davies 68 12 24
Pete Dodd 70 10 20.6
Ray Kelly 70 9 29.2
Al Hadley 71 8 21.2
Tim Kilby 74 7 26
Dave Brierley 75 6 9.6
Rob Slater 75 5 30.4
John Vincent 76 4 7.6
J Andrews 76 3 22.4
Vic Hammond 76 2 15.1
Kelvin Lewis 76 1 24
Ray Izod 77 1 16.8
Roy Amphlett 79 1 8.2
 D Tobin 86 1 22.4
Ed Stallard 89 1 29.2
Mark Kelly 92 1 26.6

 Twenty two members and guests attended the latest Pershore Golf Society medal day. This was held at Cleobury Mortimer where the club were very welcoming, the course in good condition and the weather put the icing on the cake. At stake was the Founders Trophy. With full handicap allowance it was a close competition.

Les Stallard barely put a stroke wrong and had a gross 71 (net 66) to claim first prize followed by Robbie Davies 96/68 and Club Captain Peter Dodd came third with 91/70 on countback. Dave Brierley was heavy laden with prizes as he won both the longest drive and nearest the pin. The winning guest was Peter Hayes with a net 74.

There were the usual fines for minor misdemeanors together with a financial penalty for each time a player “three putted” on the green. Consequently good money was raised to this years’ Captains Charity –Pershore Relief in Sickness.

It is disappointing that the winner Les cant make the golf tour to Ireland at the end of June but his daughter wont change her wedding date. He will be sorely missed!!