June 12th 2008 - Kington

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Simon Haines 69 15 29
Nev Green 70 12 11.1
John Vincent 70 10 7.2
Kev Lloyd 72 9 14.6
Andy Price 73 8 10.6
Dave Brierley 75 7 10.2
Roy Amphlett 75 6 9.4
Vic Hammond 76 5 16
Pete Dodd 76 4 20.6
Paul Kelly 77 3 27.4
Keith Taylor 78 2 18.3
Tim Kilby 82 1 27.2
Colin Worgan 84 1 21.5
Les Stallard 85 1 4.7
Ray Izod 87 1 17.7
Dave Adams 89 1 21.8
Ed Stallard 99 1  

It was wonderful to see massive support for Captains day at Kington Golf Club. Members and guests totalled 24 for a fine days entertainment in support of Pete Dodd, who has done such a fine job this season.

Having driven through constant storms to get there and confronted with a mountainous climb to the car park what were we doing. As the normal Captains briefing was completed and groups drawn again we looked to the high handicap ladies section for potential winners on such a filthy day. We gathered on the 1st tee box to feel the full ferocity of a 3 club wind, but the rain had cleared.

For some golfers reading the wind on putts was a new skill. Poor Ed Stallard found this on the first green when faced with a birdie putt downwind. His next shot was a pitch from fully 50 yards! Ed was heading for a new name of Edwina and ladies membership

Many others came back in with tales of double figure returns on holes. Paul Kelly stood putting for a birdie and finished 5 putts later with a treble bogey 7. With such a savage wind an errant drive was punished further if disappearing into the heather.  A cluster of players finished tightly packed  in places 2nd to 7th only separated by 5 shots (which as PK knows can go on one green!). Emerging from the pack were John Vincent 3rd on countback with 70. JV was elated to qualify for the Angel Cup, but unless his drinking form improves, he will have to choose his company carefully next time. Continuing hi s great from Ireland, Neville Green secured 2nd Place with his nett 70. As predicted, victory went to one of our ladies, Simone Haines, with a patient 69, clever use of the clubhouse wall at 18 securing the victory.

 Many Thanks are extended to Kington for their fabulous golf course, jaw dropping views, and a welcome considerably warmer than the weather.