December 28th 2007 - Little Lakes 

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J Mendez 68 15 17.4
K Taylor 70 12 16.5
J Andrews 71 10 22.4
R Amphlett 74 9 9.3
D Brierley 76 8 9
D Adams 76 7 23.8
P Dodd 78 6 20.6
S Haines 79 5 29
R Slater 80 4 29.2
N Green 80 3 11.5
R Davies 80 2 28.2
L Stallard 81 1 5.1
M Ford 81 1 22.3
P Wilson 83 1 27.6
P Kelly 85 1 26.2
A Hadley 85 1 21.2
D Amphlett 86 1 22.2
M Kelly 98 1 24.2

     Xmas Medal      Little Lakes        December 28th 2007

Best gross of the day with 83 was Roy 

Best stapleford score outside top 3 was Roy 

Nearest pin on the 3rd was Roy 

Nearest pin on the 17th was Moggy 

Again a strong entry list made the annual pilgrimage to Little Lakes to shake off the Christmas excess and gain some early Champion of Champions points and Angel Cup places. Considering the very damp weather early in December Lakes stood up pretty well, with only some inconsistency in the greens due to treatment for disease being a minor criticism. Churlish to complain when you consider the time of year.

The new Captain made his mark with a well organised opening to the day, everyone briefed on the format for play and extra entertainment. A stiff breeze accounted for a number of contenders and the local knowledge which is so helpful around Lakes obviously had an influence. On the whole again scoring was fairly tightly packed with the exception of the odd bandit. Steady showings from Keith Taylor (2nd) and John Andrews (3rd) only to usurped by  “El Presidente dos Banditos” Juan Mendez with a fine nett 68. Warnings were on the cards as Juan has had a fine season at the Vale and made inroads to his previous fantasy styled handicap.

Further prizes were awarded for best visitor(Doc), best gross (Roy), two near pins (Roy and Moggy) rounded off presentations before the fines committee struck an early blow in the name of charity. The 3-putt rule cost our winner 5 lots of 50 pence, what would the winning margin have been if “ El Presidente” could putt?. Further noteworthy fines were Stu Blacks playing partners for looking at his manhood whilst relieving himself and to Stu for NOT having seen his manhood for so many years!

As the hardy soles made their way back to Pershore, a small social committee formed in the Angel to celebrate La Victoire pour el Bandito, completing a great day with more rehydration and cuisine at The Shunarga. ( I only mention this as Rob Slater was on auto pilot and could not remember what a lovely evening he had).

Thanks to all for your support and particularly to those who helped to organise the day out. Keep your eyes out for the winter snooker night which may include another culinary expedition and the odd shandy. This is all part of a very intensive training campaign ready for Cork in June.

Have a great year lads and lets support our Captain and enjoy what promises to be another competitive and entertaining season.