2008 Standings As of - 19th August 2008

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Ryder Cup Points   Champion of Champions   Angel Cup Qualifiers

Pete Dodd - C 55   Les Stallard 46   J Mendez
Roy Amphlett - VC 38   Pete Dodd 41   K Taylor
Kev Lloyd W/C   Dave Brierley 38   J Andrews
Mark Todkill W/C   Dave Adams 34   R Amphlett  
Matt Sailes 55   Roy Amphlett 31   M Ciric
Nev Green 49     L Stallard
Les Stallard 49     D Brierley
Dave Adams 49     I Brazier (BS)
Dave Brierley 45         P Dodd
Rob Slater 37         R Davies
Keith Taylor 34         A Hadley (BS)
Simon Haines 29         R Slater
Tim Kilby 27         M Todkill (SF)
        M Sailes
        K Cunningham (SF)
        R Izod (SF)
        D Adams
        D Amphlett (SF)
            N Green
            K Lewis (SF)
            S Haines
            J Vincent
            Paul Kelly (BS)
            SF = Semi Final
            BS = Best Stapleford

The above tables are the current 2008 standings for the top ten places in the Ryder Cup qualification and Champion of Champions competition plus the current qualifiers for the Angel Cup.

Ryder Cup points are awarded based on the Medal Days throughout the year added to points won in the knockouts. At the end of each season we play a Ryder Cup style match against another society and the top eight players in this league plus two wild cards will join the Captain and Vice Captain in representing Pershore Golf Society.

The Champion of Champions is based on the best five results from seven possible medal days.

The Angel Cup is a qualifying competition sponsored by The Angel Inn and Posting House in Pershore. Qualification for this competition is via a top three place on any medal day or reaching the semi finals of the singles or doubles KO competitions.