April 24th 2009 - Kendleshire 

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N Green 68 15 9.7
A Hadley 71 12 18.6
A Price 73 10 12.2
K Bellwood 73 9 19.2
D Brierely 74 8 7.7
M Ciric 76 7 10.8
T Kilby 76 6 23.6
P Wilson 76 5 22.4
M Sailes 77 4 13
K Taylor 78 3 16
V Hammond 79 2 13.5
L Stallard 80 1 6.2
R Amphlett 80 1 8.4
R Davies 80 1 18.3
I Brazier 81 1 14.4
S Tolley 81 1 17.7
R Byrd 85 1 14.4
N Walker N/R 1 22.1

 On a day that was made for golf, no rain, not too hot with a slight breeze 20 members turned up to play this excellent course.

 The day started with lunch which was very good but it is the first time I have ever been served carrots with Lasagne. Perhaps they thought it would improve our eyesight and would not lose so many golf balls.

 After the captains briefing we then began the long walk to the first of our 18 holes. This was an advantage to the fitter members as some were shattered before they had even hit a ball. Unfortunately after this 9 we then had the same walk back to start our back 9.

 The course was challenging and in excellent condition although the pin placement on some greens was more akin to the last day of the PGA not a society day out. Some of the bunkers were a challenge but the quality of the sand gave you a fighting chance to escape.

 he score of the day came from  Neville Green who finished with a net score of  68 off an handicap of 11. Nearest the pin was Dave Brierley and the longest drive was won by Phil Wilson.


We now have the captainís day to look forward to in May.