February 27th 2009 - Roll's Of Monmouth 

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N Green 70 15 10.9
I Brazier 72 12 14.4
M Ciric 74 10 10.8
K Lloyd 74 9 14.3
D Adams 74 8 19.6
K Taylor 74 7 16
L Stallard 74 6 5.7
A Hadley 77 5 20.4
D Brierley 77 4 7.7
P Dodd 77 3 19.7
R Davies 77 2 19.2
R Amphlett 78 1 7.9
J Vincent 79 1 7.5
V Hammond 82 1 13.5
P Wilson 82 1 24.4
N Walker 82 1 21.6
R Izod 84 1 17
A Price 87 1 12.8
K Bellwood 88 1 19.5

 Members and guests of the society had to wake early to enjoy the ‘Winter Special’ medal day over the border into Welsh Wales.Pulling back the curtains awaiting us was a perfect golfing morning after all the unsettled weather of the preceding weeks.

There was a fantastic turnout with I believe a record number of guests joining us for the day. In fact, the bacon butty delivery man was at the point of collapse trying to keep up with demand. After the captains briefing, draw for groups and the tough decision between chicken curry or ham egg and chips for lunch, it was off to the first tee.

I have played the course twice before during the summer and despite the holes playing longer the non-regulation golf players found the February rough far more forgiving than the ‘long stuff’ of  Mid July!  There was also the additional bonus of ‘preferred lie’ applicable. I think I was only the one ball down by the end despite numerous minor detours on route from tee to green.

For those of us who also like to take a little time to look around at the flora and fauna whilst waiting to play or walking the holes there was plenty to view and listen to as the hints of early spring were availing themselves. At one point I, thought I heard a lesser spotted woodpecker but soon realised it was another unfortunate oak tree succumbing to the attentions of a wayward golf ball. I was however a little disappointed at the lack of badger spores and cuckoo spit. Most four balls progressed well and there was minimal delay; course condition was good and greens reasonable for the time of year. The weather cooled as the day progressed to remind us all that winter had not fully departed for the year.


A good lunch and drink re-energised tired souls and the scores were analysed before the captain gave a brief summary of the day’s events. Everyone was ‘fleeced’ by the fines committee (understandable as we were in Wales!). Congratulations to Nev, Ian and Mike for their respective performances on the day and to the Members of the Committee for organising another highly successful and enjoyable day out.

Onward to the Kendleshire!

Phil Wilson