2009 Singles Knockout 

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 Prelim   1st Round   2nd Round   Quarter - Final   Semi - Final   Final
Ray Izod vs. Bye \              
/ Ray Izod vs Les Stallard
Ed Stallard vs. Les Stallard \
/ Les Stallard vs Keith Bellwood
Dave Brierley vs. Roy Amphlett \
     Dave Brierley vs Keith Bellwood Les Stallard vs Ian Brazier
Keith Bellwood vs. Simon Haines \ Les Stallard
John Andrews vs. Keith Cunningham

   John Andrews         vs Neale Walker

Neale Walker vs. Simon Redgewell
Vic Hammond vs. Dennis Amphlett      Neale Walker vs Ian Brazier
\ ]      
Vic Hammond vs Ian Brazier

> /      
Andy Price vs. Ian Brazier /          
Prior to - N/A   To be played by the 21st March    Prior to 31st May   Prior to 30th June   Prior to 30th July   Prior to 30th August
Keith Taylor vs. Paul Kelly        
Paul Kelly vs Tony Palmer    
Tony Palmer vs. Tim Kilby    
Tony Palmer vs Juan Mendez    
Juan Mendez vs. Colin Worgan ]  

Juan Mendez vs  Alan Hadley

Kevin Lloyd vs. Alan Hadley ]  
 Juan Mendez vs Matt Sailes > Juan Mendez 
Pete Dodd vs. Dave Adams ]
Dave Adams vs John Vincent ]  
Rob Davies vs. John Vincent John Vincent vs Matt Sailes ]  
  Miles Dixon vs. Dave Tobin ]      
  / \ ]      
        Miles Dixon vs. Matt Sailes >   /      
  Bye vs. Matt Sailes \ /          
\ /              
Preliminary Round   1st Round   2nd Round   Quarter Final   Semi - Final   Final
  1) Winner to  notify Peter Dodd of result within 48 hours of match.       6) Top player to organise match    
  2) All matches to be played by the stipulated dates.       7) 3 dates to be offered to opponent.    
  3) Loss of match = 1 Ryder Cup Point.       8) Fixtures not completed on time,    
  4) Winning match = 5 Ryder Cup Points.        will result in elimination of both players    
  5) Walkovers = no points to either player.       9) Matchplay format with full difference off lowest