August 6th - Upper Sapey 

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D Amphlett 70 15
M Sailes 71 12
D Adams 75 10
R Amphlett 76 9
T Kilby 77 8
P Dodd 79 7
K Taylor 79 6
V Hammond 81 5



 A small but enthusiastic group gathered at Upper Sapey for the August Medal. The 8 members and one guest agreed that it would count as a formal medal and three 3 balls teed off on a quiet course where fast play was possible for most people!! The course was in fantastic condition – clearly more rain in Herefordshire than in the Vale!

 Dave Adams narrowly failed to lodge his ball in the fork of a tree – it would have been good to see him do a “Bernard Langer”.  It will be seen it wasn’t to be Vic’s day but his revenge always comes with a chain saw to the handicaps!! There was pressure on certain players to qualify for the Angel Cup as opportunities via Medal days are fast running out – you will have to check out the Web-site to see who, to date, has so far made it through.

 Congratulations go to Dennis Amphlett who won his first ever medal event and the Rob Johnson Bowl. Our Captain maintained his consistent run (and a further handicap reduction) with a deserved second place and boosted his ball collection by also winning the longest drive and nearest the pin. Dave Adams came third and was proud to win an elusive Suit Carrier!!

 On a best points outside the top three Messrs Dodd, Taylor and Chairman Roy all scored 29 points and on count back Keith cemented his Angel Cup place. Our next medal event is at Bewdley Pines on 4 Sept – hope to see you all there.