Tour 2011 - Wales

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 Any concerns or reservations we had about touring at the end of September rather than the traditional June were quickly swept aside as 13 members and 2 guests enjoyed brilliant weather playing three very different courses. Of course, the weather has its drawbacks as firstly (and unfortunately) Matt Sailes did decide to wear shorts for the second round and it was quickly quoted by our reserved Chairman that it was remarkable he could still get into his Primary School uniform. Secondly, the heat demanded that liquid intake was kept topped up. Now clearly water would have been a better option but after a night out in the delights of Bridgend the hangovers did impact on the second days play.

 Most courses had plenty of water hazards and our Captain managed to lose 8 balls on the first day and by the second day and was labelled “Eunuch” as another 4 disappeared. Nev “in the days before mascara” Green did, by the second day, take advantage of slow play and was able to extend his pole and recover some 20+ balls from lakes and set up a profitable side line. Brian Marshall also saw a money making opportunity and decorated his new toy car with quality hotel ribbon and carnations in order to give wedding taxi services to the residents of the hotel. He’d be best to stick to plumbing The 5 Bell(ie)s became our local – a truly modern/clean/busy boozer (not) but it did allow sporting events of darts and pool to continue and the excitement of this allowed our senior statesman to undertake new tricks with straws – when in Wales……..!!!

 The three courses were:-

Machynys Peninsula – Brilliant course in fantastic condition. Andy Capp won the day with 34 points.

Wales National Course – very long, busy and demanding. Neville Green won with a massive 25 points!!

St Marys – much shorter with numerous dog legs. Robin “Stato” Eaton (guest) was victorious with 30 points

The final standings were:-

Andy “Capp” Budnik             82 – Tour Champion – Well done Andy.

Keith Taylor                             76

Matt Sailes                               75

Nev Green                               72

Pete Dodd                                72

Robbie Davies                          69

Brian Marshall                         67

Roy Amphlett                           64

Tim Kilby                                 61

Vic Hammond                          58