Wrag Barn

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K Lloyd 68 15
L Stallard 77 12
J Vincent 80 10
A Hadley 80 9
A Bubdnic 80 8
N Green 81 7
R Amphlett 82 6
R Byrd 82 5
D Adams 83 4
M Sailes 86 3
T Kilby 86 2
K Taylor 88 1
D Brierley 88 1
V Hammond 89 1
B Marshall 93 1
M Dixon 93 1




What a brilliant new venue!  Wrag Barn gave The Society a very warm welcome and a fantastic
full English breakfast as well as a lovely course with a mix of holes that challenged both
the competent and occasional golfer. 

Wrag Barn is just South of Swindon and was chosen by the Honourable Chairman and
Miles Dixon – A great choice and one everyone said they would like to go back to and play in
the summer when more roll on the ball would be appreciated!!

The Captain is still looking for golf balls that float whilst dodging any flying clubs from a
certain Jonny V. Meanwhile the immediate past Captain has leant new rules about holding the
Pin on the 18th whilst still putting out – come on Matt take it seriously!! Also worthy of
mention is the fact Miles missed out on a beach summer holiday last year and such is his love of sand that he successfully played in nearly every bunker on the course.

Kevin Lloyd mastered the course with a faultless net 68 with Les (We owe you a jumper) Stallard second with a net 77. On count back John Vincent was third with Alan Hadley recording the best Stapleford outside the top 3 (28 points).

Kev – very well played and that handicap will now tumble!!

Roy was nearest the Pin and got his deserved birdie whilst John V was successful with the longest drive.

Our next event is the Celtic Manor on 26 March. Limited places so “first come, first served”. Also please check your singles draw and get your game arranged.