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Venue: Little Lakes, Bewdley

Weather: Glorious (shorts in April!!)

 What a glorious day greeted our excited troop to our newly revised doubles format. This format enabled us to field a record entry in the doubles, and also enabled us to provide a winner at the end of the day.  The buzz over the bacon baps nearly drowned out Mr Chairman as he attempted to explain the Greensomes match play vs. the course format.  Then the draw was made and we high handicappers waited in eager anticipation to which low handicappers day we could sabotage. Little lakes is a superb venue for the format of golf we were to play, as it requires excellent course management with plenty for a low handicapper to think about plus plenty of opportunity for the high handicapper to contribute. It is not simply a bifferís course.   

 The defending champions received a shot a hole against the course and were obviously strong favourites. They set the benchmark coming in at even. Only five pairs managed to defeat the course with Mr Chairman and Keith Bellwood missing out on an Angel Cup place on count-back to Les (the legend) Stallard and Milo. Both groups finishing on plus1. Three pairs gave the course a good hiding finishing on plus 4. Keith Taylor and Worg eased up at the end losing a couple of holes to scupper the win that was theirs for the taking. Ian Brazier and Simon Ridgewell enjoyed a day in the sun to also card a plus 4, but storming through the back nine was Doddy and Ray Ipod (thatís spell checkers for you!)  Izod, who won six holes on the back nine to take the title on count-back.

 A pat on the back to those inspired committee members who had the foresight to revitalise an event that was dying on its arse and turning it into an unqualified success. Commiserations to ex captain Matt who is out for the rest of the year with injury. Donít worry though Vic will still find a way of cutting you!

Pos Golfer Hcp Duffer Hcp Pair Shots tee time score
1 Ray Izod 13.5 Pete Dodd 15.2 14.18 14 09:50 4
2 Ian Brazier 13 Simon Redgewell 26 18.2 18 09:57 4
3 Keith Taylor 14.4 Colin Worgan 18.8 16.16 16 10:11 4
4 Les Stallard 3.5 Miles Dixon 19.6 9.94 10 09:43 1
5 Roy Amphlett 7.7 Keith Bellwood 17.6 11.66 12 09:43 1
6 Dave Adams 16.2 Rob Davies 19.8 17.64 18 09:29 0
7 Dave Brierley 9.1 Simon Haines 24.4 15.22 15 09:29 -2
8 Nev Green 10.6 Mike Andrews 16.2 12.84 13 09:50 -3
9 Russ Byrd 12 Andy Capp 15.6 13.44 13 10:11 -4
10 Andy Price 10.2 Jerry Hibbert 17 12.92 13 09:57 -4
11 Mike Ciric 6.5 Dave Podmore 14.4 9.66 10 10:04 -5
12 Alan hadley 11.6 Brian Marshall 14.6 12.8 13 09:36 -5
13 Kevin lloyd 9 Tim Kilby 16.1 11.84 12 10:04 -6
14 John Vincent 4.9 Dennis Amphlett 18.1 10.18 10 09:36 -6