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Cleobury Mortimer - Mackum Medal
15 July 2012

By way of rarity this summer, we arrived at Cleobury, the venue for this year’s Mackum Medal, in the dry although Brian must have had a lot of confetti to clear out of his car judging by the time of his arrival with Andy. The day’s golf was preceded by a full English breakfast which featured all the trimmings although the sausages could have benefited from at least a brief visit to the frying pan before serving rather than going straight from the fridge to the plate.

Duly full of grease, the 20 players settled down to Captain’s brief. Confused by the ‘three by nine hole’ layout and clearly disappointed that one of the nines was not called Beaver our captain sent us all out in a state of daze with many clearly wondering whether they were playing Cleobury let alone which two nines we were actually playing.

Having finally worked this all out the groups made their way to the first tee. With the Singles competition getting a little behind six players took the opportunity to play their Singles matches at the same time. There were some mouth-watering ties which created the stand out four ball of Andy v Les and Chris v Brian which was played out in almost a cathedral like silence !

The course generally played well although very wet in places and there was a near miss for one of our shorter members who lost his balance in one of the bunkers and only his rubber ring saved him from a watery grave. The damp conditions also allowed a number of players to produce some prodigious back spin with one former captain it is rumoured moon-walking on the sixth tee after watching his gap wedge spin back 20 feet.

As we settled outside in the afternoon sun the results were revealed;

Andy had quietly beaten Les

Brian had beaten Chris

And in the battle of the left handers and rhyming names Nev had beaten Kev.

In the main event Andy Price won nearest the pin on the dangerous 6th and Andy Budnik displayed the merits of consuming three sausages at breakfast with the longest drive on the 18th.

For the round itself:

Third  – John Vincent (apparently this qualifies him for the Angel Cup, I had no idea) 

Second – Andy Budnik

Winner of the Mackum Medal (and therefore forced to wear only a sleeveless t-shirt throughout the winter) – Dave Brierley


Best stableford outside the Top 3, Brian Marshall who in a blatant case of handicap preservation managed to rustle up a 10 on the 11th, something I am sure our recovering handicap secretary will surely come down hard on.

Best guest was Erle Andrews.

Thanks to all for a good day and see you at Halesowen in August.


Report by John Vincent

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