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SIMON JOHNSON BOWL - 19th August 2012


The summer holidays may have curtailed the golfing activities of our over-worked Captain and our resourceful, journalistic and comedic best dressed Fixture Secretary but 17 members still gathered for this event. Tin hats were the order of the day given the cris-crossing of the fairways and when off the first tee Doddy launched a drive that was narrowly nearly out of bounds on the far side of the second fairway we all began to understand the warning!!

It wasn’t as if we couldn’t be seen – it was the rainbow nation with the murky pink of Amphlett seniors shorts desperately clashing with the vivid boiler-suit blue of the part time tiler Price – now why did I drop that hammer? The vivid Dutch Orange of the recent tour worn by Killer also clashed with the pink and mauve of Brian – I know a proper tiler – Marshall. However, despite the warm weather we were spared the Taylor shorts – such a relief to the gentle and welcoming folk of Halesowen Golf Club.

Now the heat and humidity did impact. The course was up hill and down dale and the greens were slow – was the lawn mower broken? Matt exclaimed he was “Goosed” – another northern turn of phrase which fortunately Andy Capp did not pick up on – surely this would have lead to more of his general quiet opinion. The occasion was too much for Messrs Davies and Hadley who went AWOL – it wasn’t as if Man Utd were playing that afternoon!!

The full array of scores is on the web-site and no doubt our fast recovering (great news Vic) handicap secretary will be casting a critical eye over these. However, on a challenging course that few of us had played before the prize winners were:-


First - net 69               Mike Ciric
Second - net 70         Keith Taylor
Third - net 73              Roy Amphlett on count-back
                                       from Ian Brazier & Chris Jolley. 

Nearest the Pin         6th hole            Mike Ciric
Nearest the Pin         15th hole          Keith Taylor


Also, well done Roy on finally getting into the Angel Cup!!  You do go on about it!!

It will be noted there was no longest drive but two nearest the pins as this was deemed fairer to give all players of all abilities a greater chance of winning – good call Mr Vice Captain who stood in manfully for Dave and got hardened to receiving adverse quips and heckles when delivering the captains brief – roll on next year!!.

One person who was unable to even complete the longest drive home was Andy Budnick who finally took Matt’s advice and decided his Jaguar was, after all, nowhere as good as an Audi Wedding Car and he decided to leave his car keys out on one of the fairways in the hope that the finder of these would be an upright citizen and return then to him (to date he is still waiting).

A big thank you to Ian for standing in and putting a tangible presence into the sweep – if only his wife knew - and also in absentia to JV – great course and venue and it illustrates with such a good and committed membership it matters not when we play over any part of the weekend we always get a good turnout.

Good luck to the team in retaining the Ryder Cup in September.

Report by T Kilby

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