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Angel Cup - 12th October
Monmouth Golf course

And so, as the sun finally set on the captaincy of Ian Brazier, it became clear that he had saved his best performance to his last, his captainís brief was inspired, no locals were abused, no members were mis-identified and he managed to remember what to say, he sent us all out with a spring in our step.

As we all stood on the first tee, Adamsís golf Touretteís could be heard in full flow as he smashed his brand new driver into the frame of the practice net leaving a very large dent..as you can imagine  there was little sympathy shown. Although the Angel Cup is one of the most prestigious competitions on the golfing calendar, it isnít immune to childish behaviour by players waiting to tee off, as the vertically challenged three ball of (in order of tallest first) Adams, Davies and Vincent (combined average height of 4í9íí) found out as they walked up the first fairway to a medley of tunes ranging from Snow White to Ken Dodd and the diddy men. As usual there was much discussion over who should win the most ridiculous clothing award, this year it went to a past winner in the form of Roy Amphlett. He was wearing his 2 for a tenner blood red trousers, apparently the other pair are lime green, canít wait to see them next season.

Once out on the course it soon became clear that it wasnít in its best condition, the tees were poor at best and there was so much sand on the greens that you felt obliged to rake them after you had finished putting.

When the last two four balls finally came in around an hour later than everyone else, we finally sat down to eat our anaemic pie and chips.. no amount of salt, pepper or sauce could revive the tasteless slop.  As the plates were being cleared we got into the final presentations, led and delivered by the silver tongued Brazier.

As usual Kev Lloyd had played the course the day before, however on this occasion it didnít help him or his accomplice, Danny Reynolds, as neither really troubled the leaders. Although he didnít sign his card, the winner of the 2013 Angel Cup, on count back with a net 71 was John Vincent. In second place was Andy Price with third place going to ĎKillerí Kilby, who looked very put out that there are only prizes  for the top two places in this competition. Keith Taylor won nearest the pin, mainly because he was the only player in the field who could keep his ball on the green. There was some confusion over the distance from the pin he had written on the marker, apparently when he had written down 8íí in the length column, he thought it was asking for the size of his manhood.. Keith seems to be unclear of the difference between inches and centimetres.  Finally, Danny Reynolds hit the longest drive using his knowledge from the previous day.. we then got into the normal end of season presentations.

Report by D Adams

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