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Bridgnorth - 28th December 2012
Christmas Special

There is no better way to clear out the Christmas cobwebs (and flatulence) than the annual PGS Xmas golf day. This year’s venue was Bridgnorth Golf Club and once again the rain and floods did not deter a healthy turnout of 23 members and guests.

Once the full English breakfast was out of the way the Captain stood up to make his traditional Christmas speech, but it soon became clear that he had over done it with the Dutch courage. He stumbled his way through, mistaking one of the guests for Colin Worgan and abusing several others. Some of the more senior committee members could be seen shaking their heads in disbelief and wondering if their new captain has the competence to hold such a position of responsibility.

Out on the annual fancy dress competition began, this year’s theme was TV characters of the 70’s and 80’s. Notable participants were Ian ‘Rubert Bear’ Brazier, Phil ‘Dick Emery’ Wilson, John ‘Ron Jeremy’ Vincent and Dave ‘Delboy Trotter’ Adams, but winner of the most ridiculous outfit of the day had to be Robbie Davis in his Tigger rain suit.

Now, while the rest of us had been enjoying our Christmas break, the fixtures secretary had spent many stressful hours on the phone begging the green keeper to keep the course open for us. All of his hard work paid off and we managed to play a combination of 9 holes twice. The holes we did play were in surprisingly good condition with dry fairways and firm greens, this led to a fairly low scoring affair with 4 people scoring in the 60's and the majority in the 70's.

Honours for the day went to Ian Brazier in third with a net 68, in second came Robbie Davies with a net 67 and in first place came Dave Adams with net 65. Dave also won longest drive and Pete Jolly was nearest the pin, Alan 'Colin Worgan' Owen won best guest with a net 69. Due to the due fact that we played a random combination of nine holes twice, the complexity of the scoring to establish who won best stableford outside of the top three was left to the handicap secretary to sort out.

To try and minimize the cut that was surely coming his way, Dave dropped in to see the handicap secretary to wish him a happy new year and ask him if there were any ‘little jobs’ that he could do for him, needless to say Kev Lloyd had already beaten him to it!


Report by D Adams

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