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Burlish Park - 23rd February 2013
Winter Special

It was only the 13 most committed members of the society who decided to play this event at the widely acclaimed Royal Burlish Golf Club. As we arrived in the half finished car park on that freezing Saturday morning, there was a grim inevitability of how the day would turn out. With the fixture secretary’s snappy title of ‘Winter Special’ ringing in our ears, most would agree that only the first word was true… talking of the fixtures secretary, where was he?, you would never see his predecessor shying away from his poor fixture decision making.

Once we got into the club house and the captain had decided who he did and didn’t want to play with, the draw took place. We then stood around waiting for the Amphlett sisters to turn up, apparently Ron had been up all night watching reruns of his favorite video ‘Wolves - The Mediocre Years’. Once they arrived, we all stood around the captain waiting with baited breath for him to deliver his usual disjointed brief, he didn’t disappoint, he managed to offend what few locals there were in the club house by loudly exclaiming how rubbish it was.

Begrudgingly, we made our way out onto the course, the bitter wind in our faces. Considering the time of year, the greens weren’t too bad, although where there were temporary greens there seemed to have been little thought about where to put them. There was no special preparation other than sticking a hole and flag randomly in the fairway, in some cases on a 45deg slope! The main issue with the course was that almost every hole had some level of work going on with none of it looking like it would be finished any time soon.

The top four players all came in with a net 72 and once the countback committee had decided who they wanted to win they announced the result, the honours were as follows; In third came Dave Adams, second Chris Jolley and in first place came Keith Bellwood. Tim Kilby had best stableford, Dave Adams was nearest the pin and Mike Ciric longest drive.

Report by D Adams

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