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After the terrible weather in North Wales last year in the exciting and vibrant (not) town of Criccieth it was a great and welcome change to have a tour where the weather was kind. All that was missing were some decent hotel showers that even our resident tweedle dum and tweedle dee plumbers could not influence.

The hotel clearly knew we were a friendly society and the initial bed lay out for Keith & Doddy and Vic &  Killer were a little too cosy and adjustments were soon made! However, you could still see curious glances in Big Keith’s direction as after the first night an exhausted Doddy departed only to be replaced with an anxious looking Dave Adams who had the benefit of clean sheets! – (we don’t want the full details!)

A dozen society members and occasional guests enjoyed three different, well laid out and challenging courses that were all in great condition and gave players of all levels a chance to play some good golf. We (luckily) had very little rain across the 3 days but the wind was a challenge – even taking Chris Jolley’s full trolley into a bunker with him. We played Broadstone, Canford Magna and Orchardleigh.

Matt Sailes defied late nights, a groin strain and the full ribbing of being Northern to show great consistency and was the only person to achieve two 2’s (both on par 3’s) and thus collect the ever growing kitty.

He also did not let the handicap reductions imposed by the Vicster to hamper his progress. Well played Matt.

A massive thank you should go to Jonny V who organised the tour but because of injury could not join us. Great value.

The final results were:-

Matt Sailes  97  
Chris Jolley 89  
Chris Clark 88 Guest – Matt’s Northern Gravy Mate
Keith Taylor 87  
Tim Kilby  86  
Andy Budnik 74  
Vic Hammond 70  
Pete Jolley 64  
Dave Adams 61 Only played Saturday and Sunday
Brian Marshall 60  
Pete Dodd 56 Only played Friday and Saturday
Andy Price 28 Only played Friday
Ian Sipson  21 Guest – Only played Sunday – Dave’s Brother in Law

An excellent  tour and weekend – thanks to all.

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