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The 2014 annual PGS match against Gaudet Luce Golf Club was held on the 23rd November on what was a grey and wet Sunday morning. It was the sort of Sunday morning in November where you just want to stay in bed with a cup of tea and the paper; I think our new Captain might have wished he had done just that!

The course didn’t open until 9:30am due to the wet conditions, it was said that if it hadn’t been for a large society and our match, it wouldn’t have opened at all. Once we got out onto the course we could see why we were lucky to be playing, the fairways and the trolley paths were very wet and muddy, although in general the tees and greens were in good condition.

Traditionally, the PGS team chosen for this fixture generally consists of members of the society that have not performed well enough throughout the season to make it into the Ryder Cup team and therefore is usually quite poor. Unfortunately, this year’s team did not break with tradition and were exceptionally poor, Gaudet on the other hand put out a very strong team, the result, as they say, was academic. I could say that the 6 and 0 score line flattered our hosts, but that would be a lie, they dominated the fixture, the only real positive for the PGS team was that it was a free round of golf and a nice carvery.

Good luck to John Vincent, our new captain for the season…. it can only get better!




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