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Gloucestershire Golf Club - 26th July 2014
CP Foods Trophy - Medal Day 4

This year’s CP Foods trophy, was held at The Gloucestershire Golf Club on the 26th July on what was a very hot and steamy Saturday afternoon. It should, of course, been in the morning but the fixtures secretary had messed up the tee times which meant he had to spend his Friday evening trying to contact everyone to let them know of the change. Clearly he felt embarrassed by his faux pas as although he is the sponsor of the event, as well as being vice-captain and shortest member of the society, he opted to go off for a dirty weekend in Wales muttering that it was all the fault of the golf club.

With the change of times there were one or two withdrawals but in general it was a very good turnout of 19 players on what is traditionally a time of year when turn out is low. Due to the hot weather, there was none of the ridiculous trousers that have become the standard
 attire for this year, instead the locals were treated to an abundance of white nobly knees and varicose veins…

Out on the course there were mixed reviews. There were a number of interesting holes mixed with some uninteresting ones and a few of the greens were a little shabby, but in general it was a good course and was a good test of golf, particularly in the hot conditions. Scoring was clearly difficult as the results for the day proved, with the winning score being 74.

The honors for the day went to Keith Taylor in first place with his net 74, followed by Andy  Price in second and Ron Amphlett in third, both on 75. Best Stableford was Cuth McDowell whose 34 points managed to earn him that last minute qualification into the Angel Cup.  The two nearest the pins were won, as usual, by  Andy Price and Andy Owen, there are calls to scrap the nearest the pin for next season in favor of two longest drive holes


Report by D Adams


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