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Bridgnorth Golf Club - Tuesday 30th December
The Christmas Special

The first event of the 2014/15 PGS season kicked off with the annual Xmas fixture, this year it was held at Bridgnorth Golf Club. 23 members and guests hauled themselves out from their festive slumber on a frosty December morning for an early start.

One person who set off earlier than most was our new captain for 2015, John Vincent. Trying to make amends for the ‘Debacle of Gaudet’, John was hoping to make a fresh start and get there nice and early to get everything prepared before anyone
else arrived, unfortunately, his sat nav had other ideas.
He finally arrived in a fluster following a tearful drive around
Bridgnorth, most of it on the wrong side of the river,
culminating in a crash through the gates of a private estate.
The only thing that could ease his tension was the sight of his
 vice-captain in a pair of hideous trousers and Russ Byrd in a
Primark elf jumper.

Once the pro shop had opened, the draw had been made
and we had all settled down to our full English breakfast,
John felt calm enough to stand up to make his inaugural
Captain’s brief.  Unfortunately, due to his tiny frame, nobody
could see him even though he was stood up and the rest of us
were sat down, however, one of our more forward thinking
members had pre-empted this potential issue. So before John
could begin, he was presented with an elegant plinth, crafted
by Matt Sailes, which he duly stood on whilst delivering his
Captain’s brief, although for those at the back he  still couldn’t be seen.

So with the formalities out of the way it was time to get some warm clothes on and head out onto the frozen tundra of the golf course. Conditions weren’t great with every shot a lottery as to whether the ball would take a 90 degree bounce off a frozen worm or shoot 50 yards off the back of a frozen green. As the day went on, gradually the gloom lifted, the sun came out and the course started to turn from white to green. Although the course looked nice and green it was still rock hard under foot and very slippy, with our oldest Spanish member doing an impression of Bambi on ice.






After we all came back into the club house John got back onto his plinth to confirm the results for the day to the gathered members, as well as around 60 people attending the funeral wake for Mrs Agnes Jones. As Russ ‘Elf’ Byrd had spent most of December with Santa at the North Pole getting used to the frozen conditions he came in with an impressive 35 points followed by John Whitehead with 31 points beating Dave Adams on countback also on 31. There was a bit of contention for fourth place with Pete Jolley claiming his 29 points was good enough for third and Andy Budnik who also had 29 points but seemed to be in limbo between being a member and guest so went away empty handed. Best guest (only guest) was Andy Wood with 29, longest drive went to Russ Byrd and nearest the pin was Nev Green.

Next stop is Coventry Golf Club for the winter special and the second leg of the Winter Cup.

Report by D Adams


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