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Tour - Bristol

Bristol was the destination this year, for the last in this particular format, which sees the Angel Cup taking place during the tour and people coming and going over the 3 days.

A select group of 13 assembled at “Knowle Golf Club,” on a glorious sunny Friday morning. Meeting time was “11.30 to 12.00ish” as suggested by the Captain and everyone arrived in good time, all that is except for the Captain and his two cohorts.

When phoned at mid-day to find out where they were, we were told, “just round the corner.” Twenty minutes later they arrived, having taken a wrong turn outside the club. They arrived in time for the obligatory coffee and bacon roll, with proceedings underway soon afterwards.

Having to start on the 10th meant we were faced with a short uphill par 3. Most people made a decent fist of it. There were a few birdies, in particular Ron Amphlett, who with his 2 shots started with 5 points. He then had a bogey on the next for 3 points, a number that Hacker Brazier could only manage by the 9th!

Qualification for the Angel Cup was possible on Friday, with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and best Stableford outside the top 3 going through.

Winner on the day was Tim Kilby with a resounding 69, which meant instant qualification. Second was Dave Adams (already qualified) with John Vincent, third (already qualified and not the last we’ll hear of him) that left only best Stapleford as a way in and it went to the wire. Rob Andrews (already qualified) and Andy Price (not) were in contention, with Pricey getting in by the slimiest of margins.... count back.

After an evening of fun and frolics in local establishments, some of the party were heard to complain that the girls were too young. Could it be that our partying days are behind us? Having said that Snake Hips Eaton did manage to be thrown out of somewhere, or more accurately refused re-entry, when he danced out the front door.

The Angel Cup, the coveted trophy, only ever won by a select few, was on the agenda for Saturday and a foggy day dawned in Bristol, both the weather and in some heads.

Most of the group from Friday had stayed on and were joined by fresh arrivals, swelling the number at “The Players” to 19, who started with 9 holes on the aptly named “Water Garden.” I say aptly named, as there is more water and bushes, than grass on the 9 holer with several balls being  despatched to parts of the water or the undergrowth, with Tony Key even finding the car park.

After lunch it was time the main event on the “Codrington” course, a bit of a nightmare (for some) with its fair share of water and weeds.

Having been drawn in the first group Brazier continued his fine form with a quintuple bogey on number 1, a triple of 2, and another quintuple on 3! Needless to say he wasn’t going to participate in the prizes, unlike his playing partners.

Winner of the Angel Cup was John Vincent with a stunning gross 77, followed by Robbie Davies, with one of the day visitors, Nev Green taking third.

The traditional annual prize giving took place after dinner, along with presentation of Clubman of the Year, who is voted for by all the members.

This year was a very popular choice as it went to our retiring handicap secretary, Vic Hammond, in much appreciation for his wisdom, wit and contributions over the years. Let’s hope his apprentice, Dave Adams, will enjoy his time and be as “popular.”

The night and early hours passed without incident, as far as anyone can remember and the 10 left standing,  headed for “Clevedon,” of which we had heard mixed reports, all of which turned out to be wrong, as it a nice track, albeit a bit up and down.

Despite a late tee time of 11.15, some people still managed to be late, however, the lay in obviously did him some good, as Andy Watkins won the day, piping Vice-Captain, Ron Amphlett, on what would have been his maiden victory, by 1 point and yes, it was the man again JV coming in third, which, not surprisingly, secured him the overall tour title.

So, with the exception of the “Ryder Cup” the 2015 season was concluded and next year the tour reverts back to June, when Torquay will be the location, with the Angel Cup again as a standalone event.

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