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Let’s deal with the positives first. It didn’t rain, the company was excellent, the course in good nick and the ham egg and chips were delicious.

We all arrived in good time, some earlier than others, with John Whitehead, not used to travelling outside Malvern, arriving an hour early. Robbie Davies had come straight from his Saturday night out at a 70’s disco, still sporting the shirt from the TK Maxx collection, with accompanying red eyes. After Rob, Moggy and Kelvin had taken some fresh air, they felt a lot better.

The pairings sorted by Ron, we assembled on the first tee, ready to do battle. First up was early bird Whitehead and his partner Chris Rawlings, given the honour to go first.

Those familiar with Gaudet, will know that the first tee shot can be intimidating, OB all down the right and a “stiff breeze” blowing from left to right. Chris, who had never played here before, duly obliged by putting his drive well out.

John took his trusty 3 wood and knocked it down the middle and Chris stuck his second OB. Needless to say 1 down.

Next up were a pair who have played here on several occasions, Price and Brazier, who showed those assembled how it should be done by both going OB! 1 down. Not too sure how many others went OB after that, but 3 out of 4 did not bode well.

There were several things worthy of note that were either witnessed or reported later on.

Robbie decided to help playing partner Captain Ron, modifying his 7 iron on the 5th, by bending it round a tree. He also said the only way he could get over the water on 8 was by hitting the bridge and duly obliged, but still lost the hole.

Kelvin Lewis and Moggy Ford, were having a right tussle, now they’d sobered up, with Moggy hitting a 300 yard drive on one hole, only issue being 250 of them were straight up.

Whitehead and Rawlings went through the turn 4 down, which included a birdie on 5 to win the hole, however their performance was stunning in comparison to Brazier and Price. With their opponents chipping and putting like demons, they did not win a hole on the front 9 and went through the turn 7 down.

Further back in the field Dennis Amphlett and Keith Bellwood, were having a torrid time, winning just one hole (when both the opposition went OB) and got a dog licence, losing 7&6.

Andy Watkins and Dave Adams, were showing how it should be done. Standing on the 4th tee they were 3up, an easy victory was on the cards, from our last star pairing.

Standing on the 10th, Brazier decided it was time to take action and duly clouted his partner on the knee, with a 7 iron. Much cursing, hopping around and threats of arrest for GBH ensued, but it did the trick. Pricey put his tee shot on the green (only one of 4) and Brazier chipped in for bird. 6 down. They then halved 11 and won 12 & 13. Could it be?

No. The opposition pulled themselves together to half the next two and B&P went down 4&3. Not good but a lot better than it looked at the turn.

I don’t know who hit who on the 10th, but Whitehead and Rawlings got it together and won 10, with a birdie, lost 11, then won 12, 13 (chip in birdie) and 14, to be just 1 down. Two halves then a par on 17, bought it back to all square and a half on 18, meant what looked like a drubbing after 9 ended up as an honourable half.

What of our “stars” Watkins and Adams, 3 up after 3, I hear you ask? They fell away and ended up halving the match, which on the face of it was a result bearing in mind the rest of us.

·         Chris & John – half

·         Andy & Ian – lost 4&3

·         Dennis & Keith – lost 7&6

·         Kelvin & Moggy – lost 2&1

·         Ron & Robbie – lost 3&1

·         Andy & Dave – half.

A 5-1 loss, for Rocket’s first outing as Captain, but an improvement on the 6-0, we suffered last year.


Report by Ian Brazier


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