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After a stunning victory in 2014, PGS arrived at Wharton Park, full of expectation for this year’s event.

The Captain had requested wherever possible the team wear red trousers and the black anniversary shirts. Ten of the team duly turned up looking the part (Matt sporting a fine pair of Tommy Hilfiger’s, no Dunlop cheapos for him) with the remaining two, Robin Eaton and Pete Jolley, claiming they were too tall for red trousers!

After the obligatory bacon sandwich we were ready to “hike” up the hill that is Wharton Park. Those who have played there will know what I mean, however, the weather was set fair, which apparently was not the case last time it was played by PGS.

Brian Marshall duly birdied the first two holes, but was only 1up, as his opponent also birdied the 2nd.

Having spoken to John on the 13th hole (while looking for one of Jerry’s many errant drives) he quietly told me he was 6up and Ron was level, so all looked good in that match.

A few holes later I came across Rebel Eaton and asked how he was doing, to be advised that it was all over, he had lost, with the old dog licence, 7&6. No red trousers but a red face!

There’s not much else of note to report, if you exclude me dumping it in the water on 16, from a perfect position, to lose the hole or Rob Andrews losing count on the last and thinking he had no chance, didn’t try with his putt, which if holed would have been a half. Would it have made a difference? You decide.

John 1 – Ron ˝

Matt 0 – Brian 0

Ian  ˝ - Jerry ˝

Robin 0 – Juan 0

Pete 0 – Rob 0

Roy ˝ - Keith ˝

A royal 8˝ to 3˝ stuffing, which, as John commented in his speech, was better than the 6-0, he suffered in his first outing as captain at Gaudet.

As it happens, PGS still have the trophy, as due to an admin cock-up, we forgot to bring it!

Ian failed to mention in his report that Matt was 3up with only 5 to play and still lost....this might be because Matt & Brian had to leave early due to other commitments......honestly!

Report by Ian Brazier


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