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Cricket 2006

Sunday September 3rd

                                                                    The Bottoms


Still licking our wounds after last year’s defeat, a much fitter, slicker and more determined society team turned out for the annual cricket challenge verses the Crown Golf Society.

After Captain (or is it Admiral) Amphlett’s inspired decision to sent Dave Adams to win the toss, we commenced in front of a “packed house” of 30 or so ardent fans.

A devastating opening spell by this years society captain Robbie Davies was only curtailed by the umpire calling “over” with Robbie on a hat trick! Thus leaving us all on tenterhooks until next year, by which time Michelle will have had time to iron out any gremlins in his technique.

Only ex PGS member Gavin Pugh offered any resistance, but the PGS lads were outstanding, or is it standing out in the field, where our old mates Rob Slater and Mike Bunn both made valuable contributions.

All rounder (that is shape, not ability) Milo polished off the tail leaving the PGS a poultry 70 ish runs.

A swashbuckling start by Keith Taylor, supported by Milo, got us off to the best start, and then Doddy decided to launch a salvo to keep our loyal fan club awake. Alan and Kelvin maintained the assault to ensure no repeat of last year and deliver a psychological blow of immeasurable importance prior to the upcoming Ryder Cup.

Thanks to all who appeared and participated, and to Pershore Sports Club and our opponents for such a fun day.

Enjoy the joy of the victory chaps, by Tuesday it will be just a very painful memory