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Burghill Valley





M Ford 68 15 14.5
K Lloyd 73 12 13.4
S Knight 74 10 13.6
S Goldsmith 76 9 8.4
J Mendez 76 8 19.3
L Juliff 76 7 7.0
L Slater 76 6 14.7
D Brierley 79 5 8.0
V Hammond 80 4 11.1
R Slater 82 3 26.2
P Dodds 83 2 22.2
D Adams 84 1 20.3
A Hadley 84 1 21.6
R Amphlett 85 1 10.4
P Kelly 86 1 21.6
D Amphlett 89 1 20.0
First time I have played Burghill Valley and I must admit to being impressed. The thought that has gone into creating the golf course is brilliant and the quality of the course and greens in particular is excellent. This is a fantastic society venue, can get a bit slow in places with short holes or greens in the driving area, but overall a really good day out. The clubhouse staff and members we met were very welcoming and contributed to a fine day.

With a lot of the holes cut through an established apple orchard there seems to be plenty of room. However, if you get into the trees it becomes a different matter. Sideways is the only way out most of the time and although the ground under the trees is well maintained and the grass short, so finding the ball is not a problem, it will cost you shots.

Congratulations to Moggy on an excellent sub par round and yet another top three finish for Sean Knight!