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Rob Davies 64 15 21.0
Andy Price 69 12 10.4
Paul Kelly 72 10 24.4
Vic Hammond 73 9 10.7
Dave Adams 73 8 18.6
Kev Lloyd 73 7 14.3
Alan Hadley 73 6 20.0
Ray Izod 75 5 15.5
Nev Green 76 4 10.7
Dennis Amphlett 77 3 18.4
Phil Wilson 77 2 28.0
Dave Brierley 79 1 7.8
Pete Dodd 80 1 21.0
Lee Goldsmith 81 1 10.8
Roy Amphlett 81 1 9.6
Neil Sheppard 82 1 7.4
Lee Juliff 83 1 7.0
Mark Shale 83 1 9.5
Scott Goldsmith 84 1 8.4
Simon Haines 84 1 25.8
Miles Dixon 84 1 23.6
Dave Philips 87 1 15.0
Sean Knight 63 1 14.0
Monmouth Golf Club on the hottest day of the year with temperatures nudging 30 degrees. Not a place for the faint hearted or anyone with a heart condition!

Manicured into the Monmouthshire countryside this modest looking course will demand respect from anyone. Roughly 5500 yards on the card it plays more like 7000 yards with some monster uphill holes aptly named 'The Struggle' and 'Long Haul'. Fairly small greens mean that you need to be accurate but each tee and fairway gives you options for the big hit or  the place and position shot. Either way it will need to be a good one as a wrong option will leave you with no chance of getting to the green in regulation.

Whether you are a high or low handicap this almost perfectly fair course will give you the possibility ot score well but if, like us, you are playing the 12 holes in the morning and 18 in the afternoon and the weather is anything like hot then you will need a buggy. If you don't have a buggy then make sure someone is waiting at the top of 'The Struggle' with an oxygen bottle in the afternoon!

With a welcome from members and staff which is second to none you cannot fail to enjoy this as a day out of the highest value for money.

If you have a list of things to do before you die then this golf course must be on it.