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Year Captain Singles KO Doubles KO Champion
of Champions
Angel Cup   Clubman of      
     the Year        
2015 John Vincent Jerry Hibbert  Juan Mendez &
John Vincent
John Vincent John Vincent Vic Hammond
2014 Andy Price Roy Amphlett Robbie Davies &
Matt Sailes
Pete Jolley Erle Andrews John Vincent
2013 Ian Brazier Dave Adams Kevin Lloyd &
Russ Byrd
Ian Brazier John Vincent Ron Amphlett
2012 Dave Adams Dave Brierley Dave Brierley & Vic Hammond Kevin Lloyd Kevin Lloyd John Vincent
2011 Tim Kilby Nev Green Pete Dodd & Ray Izod Russ Byrd Nev Green Vic Hammond
2010 Matt Sailes Juan Mendez Dave Adams & Robby Davies Matt Sailes Ian Brazier Dave Adams
2009 Roy Amphlett Les Stallard Pete Dodd &
Matt Sailes
Nev Green Tim Kilby Keith Taylor
2008 Pete Dodd Matt Sailes Pete Dodd &
 Matt Sailes
Les Stallard Paul Kelly Simon Haines
2007 Nev Green Matt Sailes Roy Amphlett &
M Kelly
Matt Sailes Nev Green Dave Adams
2006 Robbie Davies Tim Kilby Robbie Davies &
Nev Green
Kevin Lloyd Dave Philips Kevin Lloyd
2005 Alan Hadley Lee Juliff Mark Shale &
Juan Mendez
Scott Goldsmith Miles Dixon Dave Brierley
2004 Vic Hammond John Vincent Mark Shale &
Juan Mendez
Dave Adams Dave Adams Juan Mendez
2003 Paul Kelly John Vincent Dave Brierley & Kevan Whittle Mark Shale Dave Brierley ?
2002 Neil Sheppard Scott Goldsmith Scott Goldsmith & Kelvin Adcock Roy Amphlett N/A N/A
2001 Ray Izod Dave Morris Jack Thompson & Juan Mendez Rob Davies N/A N/A
2000 Keith Taylor Greg Kitson Robbie Johnson & Miles Dixon John Bell N/A N/A
1999 Kelvin Adcock Robbie Johnson Neil Sheppard & Frank Bates Dave Brierley N/A N/A
1998 Miles Dixon Neil Sheppard Vic Hammond &
Tim Hall
Colin Worgan N/A N/A
1997 Richard Johnson Dave Brierley Paul Amphlett & John Symons Jeff Robinson N/A N/A
1996 Ken Morris Roy Amphlett Richard Johnson & Mike Bunn Mike Bunn N/A N/A
1995 Ray Johnson Ken Morris Roy Amphlett & Lionel Lloyd Neil Sheppard N/A N/A

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