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Haven Pastures





Scott Goldsmith 76 15 8.2
Lee Juliff 77 12 7.0
Andy Price 84 10 12.2
Kev Lloyd 84 9 14.5
Paul Kelly 84 8 27.4
Alan Hadley 87 7 21.2
Keith Taylor 87 6 15.1
Mark Shale 88 5 9.5
Rob Davies 88 4 25.9
Mike Jones 90 3 20.2
Lee Slater 93 2 14.7
What should haven been a stroll in the Warwickshire countryside turned out not to be. I will let the members give their opinions:

"Following our Golf Society day in the 14.5.05 at Haven Pastures, I have found it necessary to e-mail you with some concerns

I have, as you know, been a member of the Pershore Golf Society for the past five years and captain for one of them, and still to this day am a member of the committee.
I have attended most medal days, and have always been pleased with the standard of the courses we have played.
However, this venue was, without doubt, the worst I have attended. The course was quite obviously having some major improvements since there were mounds of soil piled around many fairways and on occasions it gave the appearance of a building site rather than a golf course. Large diggers were in operation, supplying what appeared to be a new drainage system.
On one occasion, I watched our Captain play a shot from a green side bunker, only to find there was more stone than sand present! I did not see a GUR sign until approximately the sixteenth or seventeenth green, and that was for a small patch of water damage. I am sure in few years time the when all of the work is finished and the trees have established themselves, the course will be a suitable venue for any golfer.
However, in my opinion, no golfer should have to pay more than £10.00 to £15.00 for a round of golf in its present condition.
Please note that the welcome we received from the staff was excellent and the food and service the same.
Its a pity I cannot say this for the course."

"I would agree with the sentiments. The fairways and greens were in a poor state, which coupled with the very long grass in the new plantations, made the course hard work and at times unenjoyable. One consolation was (as normal) the company was good. I do not think I would rush back to Haven Pastures."

"I felt that Haven Pastures was a bit of a slog, with long walks between greens and tees. However, the most difficult thing on the day was the length of the rough. We spent a long time searching for balls that rolled off the fairways into the fringes, many of which were not found, resulting in double penalty shots and slow play.That said, the company was good and I'd like to thank the Society for an enjoyable day overall, on my first day out."

I can only apologise to those members attending Haven Pastures. I have sent an email copy of these comments and my thoughts to the club and at time of writing had not had the courtesy of a reply.